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Make a Facebook Page for Your Small Business


Facebook has two types of pages. The first is Facebook Pages, which allow public figures, businesses, or brands a space to share information, interact with their fans and create an interactive forum on Facebook. The other, Groups, focus less on a person, brand or business and more on a shared interest. Unlike Pages, Groups have a 5000-member limit. Pages can tie in with your account or brand, while Groups stand alone. Facebook Pages tend to work better for businesses while Groups do well for non-profits, interests and causes.

While Pages would seem to be the better option for most businesses, they’re really geared toward well-known brands. In this post, I’m going to explain how a small or one-person business can create an effective Facebook Page.

Setting Up Your Page

If you’re a one-person business, rather than creating Facebook pages for your name, consider setting up a Facebook page for the company, product or service name and add keywords to it. People may be more likely to subscrbe to your Page (become a “fan”) when they see the topic that follows the company name. For example, I’m a one-person business, so instead of creating my Page using my name, I used my official company name of “” I then expanded it to show “ writing and editing.” Using this approach shows what kind of valuable information people will get if they subscribe to my Page. Not all of us have well-known brands like Coca Cola, Twitter or IBM.

Creating a new Facebook page requires picking a category for your Page. There are three main choices: “Local,” “Brand, Product or Organization” or “Artist, Band or Public Figure.” For my Page, I decided that “Local” was out, as all except one of my clients is located outside of Texas. I could have selected “Artist, Band, or Public Figure.” Not because I think I’m a rock star, but because it has a “Writer” subcategory. However, I decided to go with “Brand, Product or Organization” as it has “Communications” and “Professional Service” subcategories, which are a good fit for me. Take a look at the categories and their subcategories to see where you best fit.

Before Opening for Business

Prior to broadcasting that your Facebook Page is open for business, add some valuable content so people will see the benefits of subscribing:

Share tips on how to do things faster or more effectively with your product or service.
Post how-to videos or screencasts.
Announce free upcoming events or webinars.
Mention if you or someone from your company will be attendin an event for a potential meet up.
Import your blog entries.

If you’re not ready for a page or want to become familiar with Facebook Pages, subscribe to some other pages and visit them regularly. See which ones work, and what makes them better than those that don’t work well. As long as you don’t come across as overly promotional, you’ll do fine.

How does your business or brand use Facebook?

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How do you make sure that you’re constantly ‘growing’?

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Hola Mundo

Ya tenemos Blog

Hello world!

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!


Y no es para menos, porque este viernes 11 de junio toca el regreso del RADIOACTIVO a la cabina de Mad. Tras su exitoso debut el mes pasado, donde todos estuvísteis dando el callo hasta la misma hora del cierre, los atómicos vuelven enriquecidos de uranio, música & la mejor actitud a su nueva presentación en Wind... La cabina continúa siendo comandada por el ESCUADRÓN RADIOACTIVO, que no es otra que la unión de Las Electroperras + Johnny Culebras. Los contadores Geiger no darán abasto, esta mezcla es explosiva, saldremos todos mutantes. El invitado de la soirée es Dj RETO, vigués afincado en Barcelona y miembro de honor de la familia Radioactiva. Lo que os decía. musicón asegureited...

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Mom-101: Nothing in life is free. Except, it seems, a mommyblogger.

Well congratulations mommybloggers:

We are all officially known as  the Best Free Advertising Resource of the Marketing World.
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Thinking Outside the Pencilbox:

What do you do with 2500 custom engraved pencils that were imprinted with the wrong sized logo?

At Pencilbox we're always looking for ways that we can contribute to the community, and to find ways we can reuse things that would normally be on their way to a landfill.

In this case, we found a local program that wanted the 2500 misprinted pencils.

Lauren McCall and Raegan Williams of Beechwood Middle School are collecting donations of school supplies for a community service project and will donate them to one of the needier schools in Fullerton. You can learn more these two young philanthropists in the Orange County Register article at:

Your old office supplies, stationary, pens and pencils can be put to good use by donating them to students of low income families.

So next time you're cleaning out your desk or office supplies, consider donating them to an organization who could put them to good use.

Thesis - SEO for Everyone | WordPress SEO Tutorial


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Thesis Theme SEO Guide


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Lorem Ipsum Test Post Pack

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When YOU Are the Brand


How Cloud Computing Can Transform Business

But what is cloud computing exactly? Why is it different than what went before? And why should you care? via Posted via web from Expand Social Media

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Honey, Don't Bother Mommy. I'm Writing a Mildly Annoyed Letter to the New York Times.

The best guess I have is that the conference was so marketing focused--and not content focused-- that it would inspire a journalist who values writing to jot down a quip like: Heed the speaker’s advice, and you, too, might get 28,549 views of your tutu-making tutorial! Even I've been known to eyeroll about bloggers who utilize the medium solely for freebies, or blogs that put SEO ahead of good writing. So if the point of the article was to illuminate that this particular conference wasn't emblematic of the best of the momblogosphere, maybe that's fair. via Liz hits the mark Posted via web from Expand Social Media

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New York Times Biased Against So-Called Mom Bloggers?

The New York Times “covers” the new roles of mommy bloggers You can’t do this with a blog now can you? via you tell 'em, Linda! Posted via web from Expand Social Media

WordPress Plugins

WordPress is my blogging platform of choice, and I use it as a CMS here and on several other sites too. I've taken a liking to writing WordPress plugins, small ones that help me out easily, or bigger WordPress plugins to fix larger issues. via Yoast makes plugins that make any Wordpress blog outstanding Posted via web from Expand Social Media

10 hacks for the Thesis WordPress theme

Today, I’m glad to show you 10 of the most awesome Thesis hacks, to get the most our of your favorite WordPress theme! via Posted via web from Expand Social Media


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Want to be treated like a top blogger? Act like one. - A Modern Mother

I've observed popular bloggers for a while now. You know the ones I mean, the ones you constantly go back and read, over and over. They all have certain traits -- a special quality that makes them that little bit different. It's hard to put your finger on exactly what it is. You just LIKE THEM. ADMIRE THEM. Would consider leaving your husband for them.

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The Hook Map —customize Thesis with Thesis Hacker

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10 WordPress dashboard hacks

The dashboard is a very important part of a WordPress blog. In fact, it allows you to control your posts, your blog design, and many more things. When building a site for a client, it is especially important to be able to control WP's dashboard. In this article, let's have a look at 10 extremely useful hacks for WordPress' dashboard