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Our special expertise is in helping you and your group make distance and location much less important so that regardless of where your team is, or needs to be, they can always be engaged, supportive and productive.

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Homepage-Our Mission

Our Mission
Co3 Group aims to improve our client's effectiveness and reduce the cost of workplace infrastructure by leveraging web-based tools and best practices to bring people together.

Homepage-Our Solutions

Our solutions improve peoples ability to:

Cultivate communities
Stay engaged with one another
Communicate and collaborate across distance
Make our work, ideas and knowledge visible & shareable
Locate each other and interact informally


We look forward to talking with you about how Co3 Group, Ltd can help you respond to the changing nature of work and group connections in a world that is both demanding and full of opportunity.
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jueves, 7 de octubre de 2010

Why Companies Want Facebook Friends

A recent BBC report showed how Starbucks are using their 14 million Facebook friends as an alternative to advertising. Social media platforms are used to discuss services, products, new ideas and to generally just hang-out together.
The big question, is it a phoney relationship? Many companies are saying no. The erosion of trust between large organisations and the public has stimulated this interest. Companies believe that harmony can be restored in a two way conversation through Facebook, Twitter and You Tube.
The BBC warns however that although customers love to evangelise and support corporations they are also quick to turn on companies when things go wrong. The BP’s slow reaction to engage in the social space during the Gulf oil crisis was the chosen example. Although the company eventually engaged through You Tube and Twitter they were far too late to override the parody sites that had emerged.
BP’s slow reaction to getting the two way conversation going led to a 2nd disaster by appearing to be tone deaf.
Is social media the best way for a company to get to know what customers think, want or need?
Whatever your view many companies want people to become your friend. Just be aware corporate friendship is getting big and coming your way.

3 Big Changes from Facebook

Facebook unveiled three new features designed to help users to better control the information they share via Facebook.
The social networking site revamped its Groups feature, created a new tool called ‘’Download your Information’’and updated its dashboard to allow users to better understand what data their Facebook applications are using.
"Download Your Information" lets you…. "quickly download to your computer everything you've ever posted on Facebook and all your correspondences with friends: your messages, Wall posts, photos, status updates and profile information."
The revamped of the dashboard took place to "give you visibility into how applications use your data to personalize your experience," because "As you start having more social and personalized experiences across the web, it's important that you can verify exactly how other sites are using your information to make your experience better."
The ‘Groups’ feature" is designed to allow users to share information from pictures to status updates with only a limited cluster of Facebook friends. Facebook’s stated that "With new Groups, we made it easy for you to build a space for important groups of people in your life—your family, your soccer team, your book club." Facebook added, "When a group member posts to the group, everyone in the group will receive a notification about that post."

All these changes represent a shift from Facebook allowing to users to take more control of their content and will be viewed as popular. Certainly the Groups feature has been highly promoted by Facebook. The only concern that may arise is that friends can add people to a group, so if you create a group and are in a group you have to be aware of not only who you add but who others add.

5% of Unborn Babies given a social media profile

As social media becomes an increasingly important part of life, it’s perhaps unsurprising to find out that parents are creating digital presences for their children sometimes while they’re still in the womb.
You may think that it would only be a handful of particularly geeky parents who would bother to set up a Twitter or Facebook account for their unborn child, but a study published today by Internet security firm AVG found that 5% of babies under 2 have social media profiles, while 7% have an email address.
The main reason for doing this, it seems, is to share baby scans and information about the pregnancy with family and friends. Meanwhile, many more babies are “online” in some form or other. 23% of foetuses’ had images of their antenatal scans uploaded before birth.
The idea of babies having an online presence before birth and in early life is not surprising given the growth of social media in recent years It does raise some issues about privacy but it is clear that babies being born today are going to end up with a pretty big digital footprint by the time they are 18.

viernes, 1 de octubre de 2010

HOW TO: Gracefully Promote Yourself Online

Recently, my Stuff Hipsters Hate co-blogger and I received the following netiquette question from a relatively self-aware reader: “how do I get my music blog out there (as it is fairly new) and make it accessible to my friends…